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Your Favourite Ray-Ban Glasses of 2012 – The Ray-Ban RB 5228

The Ray Ban 5228 Designer Glasses

Your favourite eye glasses at Churchill Optical.com are the Ray-Ban 5228, but why?

Finding and buying the perfect pair of designer glasses can be a difficult task. We’ve made efforts to simplify the process as much as possible but there are still inherent factors that can make the process confusing, namely:

  • Varied selection of designer eye glasses frames to choose from 

As much as this is a good thing, sometimes with so many different styles to choose from it’s difficult to make that final decision on which pair of frames to go for. To an extent there is convergence in the styles and shapes of many of the most popular glasses frames – so your decision can come down to minute details as you try to eliminate options until you are left with the one perfect pair of designer glasses.

  • Lots of amazing eyewear brands on offer
With designer eyewear brands such as Tom Ford eyewear, Prada eye glasses, Ray-Ban designer glasses to choose from, it can be tough knowing which brand to go for. For example, you may have narrowed your selection down to two pairs of glasses, both rectangular and tortoiseshell, one is Tom Ford and the other Ray-Ban – you like them both equally but it’s then a case of which brand you relate with most and want to be seen in.
  • Life priorities – are you buying for work, for sport or to look your best socially?
For those who don’t have the budget to buy more than one pair of eye glasses, it can be a trade off between buying your glasses to look sensible and professional at work or being fashionable and expressing yourself when socialising – i.e., practicality versus appearance.
 This is where the Ray-Ban 5228 steps in and why our opticians at Churchill Optical.com believe this designer frame is such a favourite – the RayBan 5228 really meets all the criteria:

  • The RayBan 5228 frame suits almost all face types
  • Lightweight and well designed the Ray Ban 5228 glasses are very comfortable
  • Available in a wide variety of colours, you can have a tortoiseshell RB 5228 frame for work and a green one for the weekend!
  • A unisex frame, the 5228 is appropriate as men’s and women’s glasses
 It’s classic, it’s simple, it’s retro, it’s geek-chic and everybody loves it! 
The RayBan 5228 is an evolved version of the original Ray-Ban wayfarer. This is why the 5228 looks familiar and iconic. Like a pair of Levi’s 501 jeans, converse high-tops or a can of Coca-Cola, the Ray-Ban 5228 designer eye glasses are another classic product that is becoming the staple of your eyewear collection.
 Buy the Ray-Ban 5228 designer glasses online for cheap from Churchill Optical.com. 
At Churchill Optical.com, we offer the RayBan 5228 for the lowest price online at £133 with lenses starting from £80.00

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