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Ray Ban

Churchill Optical are Proud Authorised Retailers of Ray-Ban Designer Eyewear

designer glasses each pair of RayBan eye glasses is genuine, and as an authorised retailer, when you buy your dream pair of Ray-Ban designer glasses you will receive the manufacturer's guarantee. On top of this, at Churchill Optical, every pair of designer Ray Ban glasses is quality checked by hand by our experienced and qualified registered British opticians. Only designer glasses that meet all of our criteria for quality and condition are accepted.

Ray Ban Designer Glasses

The most famous name in eyewear today the Ray Ban brand is the producer of the most popular and best selling designer glasses and sunglasses in the world. Ray Ban is the father of frame shapes/styles of designer eyewear like RayBan Wayfarers, Aviators and clubmasters. Churchill Optical offers a wide selection in a variety of styles, sizes and colours and our expertly trained opticians assemble each pair by hand and quality check them with a trained and professional eye. 

If it's not Ray-Ban designer frames you're after you can view other designer glasses here.

Ray-Ban Designer Eye Glasses at ChurchillOptical.com

RayBan glasses frames are the best selling brand of eyewear in the world. The Ray-Ban name is known to everyone and has become iconic with people being able to recognise their eyewear as being RayBan designer frames straight away. Many other eyewear brands are influenced by the shapes and styles of RayBan products. 

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Why Do Our Customers enjoy Ray Ban Designer Glasses?

RayBan glasses frames come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and colours making it easy for customers to find a pair of spectacles that suits. Customers also feel re-assured by the brand name, known for quality, style and comfort. What's more, most of the RayBan frames can be women's or men's glasses.

Here we'll outline some of the more popular designer frames.

The Ray Ban RB 5228

A deviation of the Ray Ban Wayfarer eye glasses, the RayBan RB 5228 is a favourite with customers who want a simple, classic styled pair of eye glasses appropriate for work, socialising and even sport. Suitable for both men and women and available in lots of different colours, it is available to buy online now - buy Ray-Ban RB 5228 here

The Ray Ban RB 5283

It's a round glasses frame that's retro and classic, can be worn as a women's glasses or men's frame and really gives the wearer that geek chis, or nerd image. Wear it if you're a university lecturer, a poet, philoshoper or just a self-confessed poser! Click here for the RayBan RB 5283

The Ray Ban RB 5184

Again, a close relative to the original wayfarer shape, the RayBan RB 5184 is a simple, but at the same time funky designer frame with slightly more curves than say the 5228. Can be a women's or men's glasses frame and looks good with any outfit or hairstyle, we like! Get the Ray Ban RB 5184 here now.

Ray Ban Sunglasses

RayBan's Designer Sun Glasses are what made the brand famous. Since the creation of the Wayfarers back during World War Two for airforce pilots, Ray-Ban sunglasses have adorned the faced on sat on the top of heads of many iconic, thought leading icons of each generation. Ray-Ban sunglasses occupy a special space within our minds, because on the one hand Ray Ban designer sunglasses seem exciting, rebellious, alternative, statement making and youthful, yet on the other hand, Ray-Bans are established, vintage, retro, nostalgic, trustworthy, simple and to a certain extent a safe bet. Not many other brands have this unique luxury of appealing to everyone, no matter their culture, status, outlook, age or otherwise. It's rare for a product to be suitable for military personnel, secret agents, your granparents, supermodels, celebrities and rebellious teenagers all at the same time! We stock  a wide variety of sunglasses brands, for other options click to view all sunglasses

The Most Famous of Famous Ray-Ban Designer Sunglasses

We've mentioned the connotations the Ray-Ban brand produces in great length, but what's interesting is that there are three styles of RayBan sunglasses that are the King of Kings, so to speak. That is, the Ray Ban Wayfarer, Ray-Ban Clubmaster and RayBan Aviator sunglasses. It is these three types of sun glasses frames that are the most influential and iconic pieces of eyewear ever made. Here we'll set out each in turn:

The Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

With a metal frame, the RayBan Aviators are classicaly, or best known for having a shiny silver or shiny golden coloured sunglasses frame with the classic green or brown on crystal tinted glass lenses. There have been many deviations since the original style, and today, the aviator comes in a variety of different materials, colours, shapes and sizes. 

Ray Ban RB 3025 Aviator Sunglasses

A classic pair of Ray Ban sunglasses that looks great on anyone and adds cool to any outfit - Buy the Ray Ban RB 3025 now

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Unlike the aviator, the Ray Ban Wayfarer has a plastic, or acetate frame. Very retro and in vogue just now with the surging dominance of plastic over metal frames for both optical and sunglass eyewear products, the Wayfarer is a real good pair of sunglasses to wear right now if you want to look the part. Available in two versions, the classic larger frame, the RB 2140 and the adapted slimmer version, the RB 2132 that is more contemporary.

RayBan RB 2140

The original and classic, indulge in the nostalgia of these retro classics - click to buy Ray Ban RB 2140 Wayfarer

Ray Ban RB 2130 


New school but with old school values, be modern but Get the RayBan RB 2132 Wayfarer 

RayBan Clubmaster Sunglasses

The Ray Ban Clubmasters are more related to the Wayfarer than the Aviator and have different, thinner arms a metal front and metal bridge retaining the plastic brow-bar of the Wayfarer - buy the RayBan RB3016 here


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